Building a World-Leading Brand

Building a World-Leading Brand

The Global Business Steering Committee plays a pivotal role in SANYO DENKI’s drive to become one of the world’s leading brands. From this conversation among committee members, we can clearly see SANYO DENKI’s commitment to globalization.

"Global am I" - Globalization Begins with Each and Every One of Us

The SANYO DENKI Group aims to become a world-leading brand, and be known as a global corporation that can deliver high-quality products and services to customers anywhere in the world. To accomplish this, it is important that each and every employee in the SANYO DENKI Group raises their global awareness, and acts with a sense of purpose.
Our role as members of the GBC (Global Business Steering Committee) is to facilitate the promotion of globalization. Our work is far-reaching, and not limited to any one division or group company.
That's right, it is important that the SANYO DENKI Group works together as a whole. Every division and company within the group has set up subcommittees, and we are working to create a collaborative environment in which those committees get employee suggestions on globalization, and turn them into reality.

Building Lateral Relationships to Advance Globalization

By making the most of lateral relationships, many companies abroad have become highly competitive. Fostering strong lateral relationships within our organization is crucial to our globalization efforts.
The other day, we held our annual Global Sales Meeting - a gathering of about 200 members from our group companies. The meeting gives members of group companies from all the countries in which we operate, a chance to exchange information on current trends, sales techniques, and company policies. Seeing all those SANYO DENKI employees from all over the world engaged in conversation made me realize that our globalization efforts are succeeding.
We also gave employees from overseas group companies tours of our factories to help them gain a better understanding of SANYO DENKI’s commitment to quality. By understanding what’s involved in the process of manufacturing our high-quality products, it becomes easier to explain their value to customers.
Yes, I agree. We are involved in the making of marketing tools that communicate the superiority of SANYO DENKI products. Being able to communicate our superiority in a way that is easy for our customers to understand, is crucial for success in the global marketplace. We make materials in local languages that don’t just promote the features of our products, but also provide customers with the solutions they seek for their problems.
In addition to these globalization initiatives, progress is also being made in the development of our overseas group companies into "MINI SANYO DENKI's"; able to perform the same functions as the head office does. By building technical centers at our overseas group companies, they are evolving from sales offices into full-scale operations with design and development capabilities, field engineering services, etc. This has enabled us to respond more quickly and precisely to the specific technical needs of customers in each country or region.

Our Vision for Future Progress

At SANYO DENKI, we specialize in "proposal-based" selling. This means we aim to understand customers’ objectives and needs, and propose solutions that help them succeed. I am currently developing sales training programs and tools for SANYO DENKI Group employees worldwide, to help them acquire the skills required for this sales approach.
I want to continue to raise awareness of women’s issues, and build upon the measures SANYO DENKI has already taken to promote the role of women in the workplace of our group companies. I would also like to increase the number of opportunities available to women at each stage of their lives, by broadening their product knowledge, know-how and skills through training.
I would like to make SANYO DENKI truly barrier-free in terms of borders and cultures. What I mean is, let’s say for example that the manager of our group company in Thailand were assigned a managerial position in Japan. There should not be any barriers preventing him from being able to immediately perform his duties in his new workplace. Achieving this kind of staff versatility will make us a highly competitive global corporation.

To become a truly global company, it’s crucial that each and every one of our employees raise their global awareness, and make a contribution toward achieving our common goal of making SANYO DENKI a world-leading brand. Come and join us! Together we can make it happen.


We at SANYO DENKI Group Companies, aim to help all people
achieve happiness, and work with people to make their dreams come true.

To carry out the corporate philosophy, we do the following

For Environment...

For society and the natural environment
we will help preserve the global environment and contribute to the prosperity of mankind through our corporate activities.

For Customers...

For customers and users
we will create new values through technology, products and services.

For Suppliers...

For suppliers and vendors
we will strive for integrated technical development and harmonious mutual prosperity through parts purchase, production contracting and joint development.

For Investors...

For investors and financial institutions
we will increase our investment worth and credit through sound management policy and good access to information.

For Competitors...

For competitors and the industry
we will strive to build industrial and technical development through technical alliances and competition.

For Employees...

For all of our employees
we will help individuals to achieve self-fulfillment through their work and the company.